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About Us

Bridging the Gap Between UK Farmers and Consumers

At, our passion is to bring the farm's bounty directly to your doorstep. Our journey began amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when YouTube personality Daniel ShenSmith, the BlackBeltBarrister, identified a unique opportunity to empower the UK's agricultural community. With generous support from the BlackBeltBarrister's YouTube community, a project took flight: creating a digital solution to unfair supermarket practises that disadvantaged farmers.

Consumers' growing interest in high-quality, locally sourced foods was apparent, but the path to accessing such produce was convoluted. emerged as the answer – to simplify this process and make locally sourced goods more accessible across the UK.

Our mission was clear: to provide an efficient, hassle-free platform for hardworking UK farmers to sell their products directly to consumers. Although our initial focus was on eggs, our vision reached far beyond them. We aimed to create a digital marketplace where farmers could sell an array of farm-fresh products, including honey, dairy, fruits, and more.

In 2023, we established a partnership with Versla Marketplace, a budding online marketplace platform based in the UK. This collaboration enriched our offerings, enabling us to provide a more comprehensive service to farmers and consumers alike, positively influencing the economy and environment.

At, we believe in creating more than just a business; we're building a community. We champion sustainable farming practises, aim to reduce food miles, and strive to foster a genuine connection between farmers and consumers. By shopping with us, you enjoy the freshest produce while supporting local farmers and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Today, we stand as a testament to the potential of digital platforms to revolutionise the way we shop for food. But we're just beginning. With ambitious plans to grow, innovate, and continue supporting our local farming community, the future of is bright.

Join us in revolutionising how we shop for our food and in supporting local farming. Shop fresh. Shop local. Shop